A child of an alien

I often get a strange feeling of being detached from my own body and mental process.
I feel as if I am an outsider observing myself from a third person perspective, -detached from my own surroundings.
The medical term for this condition is called “depersonalization or derealization disorder.”

Moreover, when I am stressed out, I am overtaken with a strong sense of sleepiness and
I feel there is a gap between my memory and the memory of others.

Because I had such strange symptoms, in my elementary school days, my classmates would often call me “a child of an alien.”

Reflected images and the world of shadows

When I see my reflection in a store window or my shadow, even though it is only my reflection or shadow,
it feels like my body has been stolen from something else.
But at the same time, at such moments I feel like I am facing myself at a deep level.

I am curious to know how others see me, -this me that I am.
I am also curious to know how the things and the realities that have reflected me are perceiving me.
Sometimes I wonder “this child of an alien” is successfully integrating into this world.