Mai Ito

Born in Hakodate,Hokkaido,Japan
Live in Sapporo, Hokkaido,Japan
2016 - Kyoto University of the Arts,Kyoto Japan

I start taking photographs since my friends from overseas said they want to see Japanese photos.
After that, I became interested in visualization and majored in photography at university.
Not in a specific area, but in a wide range, I'm pursuing self-expression.
As a child, I was discriminated against because of the color of his eyes.
Because of his upbringing, he began to think about why it is so difficult for people to accept others who are
different from themselves.
In this world, there are people of different nationalities, ages, skin colors, languages, religions, and so on.
All of them have a life and a story that they do not share.
Even though it is infinitely impossible to share, I also believe that it is not something that cannot be shared.
I am exploring the possibility that this can be achieved through the non-verbal form of "photography," a tool
that relies on the sense of sight to explore thoughts.
I am exploring the possibilities.

【Solo Project/Solo Exhibition】

2023.11overflowing~He who embracesSarou Houmura / Sapporo
2023.09Hakodate Photo Exhibition Vol. 10: Primary Industry Dairy FarmingG-square / Hakodate
2023.04“Embrance Woman” in JOHNBULL (KG+2023)Kyoto
2023.04“Embrance Woman” in TUGU” (KG+2023)Kyoto
2022.07“Alien” in SarouhomuraSapporo
2022.04“Alien” in THE REIGN HOTEL KYOTO(KG+2022)Kyoto
2021“SLOW SLOW” in KG+ SQUARE(KG+2021)Kyoto
2021-“HAKODATE” in G-squareG-square / Hakodate
2021“Alien?” in G-squareG-square / Hakodate
2020“Alien?” in IG photo galleryTokyo

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overflowing~He who embraces
Hakodate Photo Exhibition 10th edition: Primary industry dairy farming edition starts
Hakodate Photo Exhibition Part 9: Forestry has begun!
Hakodate Photo Exhibition Pert. 8
“Hakodate Photo Exhibition” Pert.7 – Fisheries, 3rd season
First solo exhibition in Sapporo, "Alien Child" will be exhibited.

【Group Exhibition】

2023.05“ART BUSAN”Korea
2021" Cauterization"in Sapporo cultural arts foundation Sapporo community plazaSapporo
2020"Selfportrait" in Roonee247FineArtTokyo
2018“Hajimari-no-Majiwari” ,in KYOTO MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHYKyoto
*Participated in many group exhibitions in Tokyo and Hakodate

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"Publication of a collection of works and an xchibition of works in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the opening of the gallery" in Salouhoumura/Sapporo
Notice of Exhibit at KG+2023
Announcement of two-person exhibition "MADO"
NEWS 2021/07/14
Exhibition Information 3/9-3/11@Sapporo
Notice of Chikaho 2 Exhibition



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Workshop Information
"Alien Child" Traveling Exhibition and Workshops