Announcement of two-person exhibition "MADO"

This will be a two-person exhibition by sculptor Etsuko Fukue & photographer Mai Ito.

We may have a persistent or recurring feeling that we are detached from our body or spirit, that we feel as if we are observing our lives from the outside (detachment) or that we are detached from the outside world (loss of sense of reality).

The common motivation for creating these works led us to hold our first two-person exhibition.

We hope you will stop by after KG + is over.

Ito will exhibit three framed A1 size works (including one new work) from "Alien Child," which was exhibited at IGPhotoGallery in Higashi-Ginza last November.

We hope you enjoy the difference between the sculptor Fukue and the output.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The location was provided by BarGEAR in the alleyway of Karasuma-Shijo, Kyoto, which is celebrating its 11th anniversary.

GEAR is a restaurant, so please order a drink when you come.
We have delicious coffee.

9/27(Mon) - 10/17(Sun)
*Opening hours are subject to change due to shortened hours caused by the new coronavirus. Please check the event page or contact the store, Fukue or Ito for details.

OPEN 1500-2000

No regular holidays

Tel 075-201-3622

address 242 Kugikakushi-machi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto ▶MAP

Approximately 1 minute walk from Shijo Station