"Publication of a collection of works and an xchibition of works in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the opening of the gallery" in Salouhoumura/Sapporo

Scheduled for September 2023

Details will be posted here as soon as they are decided. Please wait.

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Notice of Exhibit at KG+2023

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at TSUGU Kyoto Sanjo and the apparel store JOHNBULL in the same building.  This will be a participating program of "KG+", which is being held at various locations in Kyoto City until the same period (April 15 - May 14). The work on display, "Embracing […]

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Announcement of two-person exhibition "MADO"

Announcement of two-person exhibition "MADO" This will be a two-person exhibition by sculptor Etsuko Fukue & photographer Mai Ito. We may have a persistent or recurring feeling that we are detached from our body or spirit, that we feel as if we are observing our lives from the outside (detachment) or that we are detached […]

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NEWS 2021/07/14

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at KG+Exhibitions to be held in Kyoto. The work on display will be a new work inspired by last year's Corona Disaster. We hope you will visit our booth. Thank you for your kind attention. *The exhibited works include nudes. ●KG+SQUARE by Chushin〒600-8219 京都市下京区中居町七条通烏丸西入113|113 Nakaicho, […]

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Exhibition Information 3/9-3/11@Sapporo

cube blanc second exhibition 'cautery(焼灼)' I hope everyone is well.It's the end of the fiscal year and a busy season.I remain as busy as ever.Please continue to take care of yourselves. It's a little late to announce this, but here is the information about the photo exhibition. I belong to cube blanc, a group that […]

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Notice of Chikaho 2 Exhibition

We are exhibiting in a part of Chikaho, a long stretch of Sapporo Station from Odori, Sapporo City. The exhibition will be held from today until November 23. This exhibition is created from the viewpoint of Black lives matter. If you have a chance to pass by Chikaho We would be happy if you could […]

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