TOJI~On the way

In Japan today, gender awareness, specific social responses, and political involvement are still underdeveloped.

We expressed this situation by taking up various subjects as individuals.

In creating this work, we have tried to
We considered how much sex has an impact on our society.

The blood and organs that make us who we are are difficult to distinguish from our sex, except for experts.
And once we become bone, it is almost meaningless.
Why, then, have we been so obsessed with sex determination?

Until recently, sex discrimination was probably necessary as a model of human activity.
However, with the advent of the gender-free movement, people began to question the role of sex segregation,
people began to question its role.
In the midst of this trend, people who overcome the barrier of gender have been exposed little by little,
Various issues have emerged.

And now, not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world,
Same-sex marriage, which is one of the issues, is not legally recognized in many countries around the world,
In many cases, society pretends not to see it.
How can we promote the development of diversity?

We think that "accepting others who are different from ourselves and being close to them by sharing our thoughts with them" is a small step.
We believe that this is a small step.