【Notice of Publication in ‘Hakodate Peeps’】

Hakodate's local magazine launched in 2013『peeps hakodate』

This is a free magazine (free information magazine for daily life) closely related to Hakodate, and is intended to "get to know various people in Hakodate, meet people, participate in matters, visit places, and buy things.

In this way, "new likes" in Hakodate's life will increase.

The magazine aims to be a "reading material" to help people fall in love with Hakodate even more.

Hakodate Tsutaya is supporting "peeps hakodate".

The magazine is published on the 10th of every month with a circulation of 20,000.

This issue features a four-page article about photography and Hakodate's primary industry.

It is available not only in Hakodate, but also in Sapporo and Tokyo.

We hope you will take a look.

Sorry for the delay, but we look forward to working with you again this year.


The details of the magazine are quoted from peeps' website.

The first feature of the New Year is the third chapter of "HAKODATE: Photographs Speak for Themselves," a series that captures Hakodate through the lens of "photography. In addition to rare photographs owned by the Hakodate Photo Archives, which preserves and manages a large volume of photographs of people who lived in Hakodate from the Meiji period to the present, both famous and unknown, the exhibition also includes photographs of people working in the port, markets and fields, records of the growth of beloved daughters, small animals in the forest, and subtly nostalgic city scenes from the 2000s. The exhibition will also feature a survey of submissions from many people.

The magazine also includes a survey entitled "#Delicious Hakodate in Your Smartphone,(#スマホでおいしい函館)" in which many people submitted their own images of Hakodate. We have included a large number of photos of "that delicious thing in your smartphone that you just can't erase," resulting in a slightly different Hakodate gourmet guide page. Please look forward to it.

●Due to the printing schedule over the year-end and New Year holidays, this month's issue will be published and distributed two days later than usual. Please be careful not to make a mistake.

Distribution at Hakodate Tsutaya will start around 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 1/12, and other bookstores will receive it between 1/12 and 1/13. Please contact the store in advance to obtain a copy.

(Editor in Chief : Satoshi Yoshida)

●Cover photo by Motoki Tsuda (Representative of Hakodate Photo Archives)

*The private life of world-renowned photographer Robert Frank.

Taken in the 1980s.