KG+2022 Exhibit.

It's back, "Alien Child!"

I had a solo exhibition of "Alien Child" at IG Photo Gallery in 2020, and I added new works, reproduced images, and reconstructed them.

It was my first solo exhibition at that time, and I think I tried my best at that time, although I was still inexperienced.

As time went by, my thoughts and ideas changed and I realized something.

I guess you could call them discoveries.

In the book by my favorite author, Keiichiro Hirano

There is a saying, 'The future is changing the past.

In reality, we cannot always change the past, but I have recently come to believe that the future has the power to purify the past and make it positive.

I feel that this exhibition has changed me a little, as I have never been good at looking back at the past, and have always tried to "put a lid on it or move on.

THE REIGN HOTEL KYOTO, where we will be exhibiting, is a design hotel where you can experience a new sense of staying in Kyoto by enhancing the quality of sleep, food, art & creativity.

We hope you will visit us.

Thank you for your kind attention.